Travel insurance is one of the most vital thing you need when embarking on a trip. Travelers are advised never to leave home without travel insurance. It has been of help to so many.

Travel insurance is the insurance that is aimed to cover medical cost, trip cancellation, loss of properties, flight accident and other losses incurred while traveling be it internationally or within (domestically). Travel insurance plan is covering various adventures.

Travel insurance is necessary because it helps protect yourself against travel risk. A good travel insurance will provide the following: Emergency medical cover, losses incurred due to unforeseen cancellation, death and disability cover, personal liability cover, luggage cover.

The following guidelines will help you know the best travel insurance that will suit your needs. Be sure to consider these guidelines carefully and take your time, relax occasionally with an Chicago escort from Wet n’ Wild Escorts, DC Escorts, and/or go to

  1. Buy directly from an insurance company that is licensed insurance agent:

Don’t buy from a travel agent or tour operator because it will cost you more. Avoid buying insurance from a no-name company online. Travel agent earn more money by selling travel insurance; they have a few numbers of plans or policies to offer, travel agent insurance plan may or may not be backed by a legitimate underwriter and lastly most travel agent are not licensed insurance agent.

  1. Choose the best cover that will suit your needs:

Travel insurance coverage varies from individual to the individual. It doesn’t  cover everything and doesn’t cover cancellation for everything. It provides a list of covered reasons for trip cancellation or inferiority. If your reason for missing the flight is not on the list, you will not be covered. Your goals need to be documented before the journey. Medical recommendations are required by the doctor if there will be a cancellation due to medical issues.

Travel insurance covers the medical cost, emergency evacuation expenses such as airlifts, loss of possession, trip interruption, phone assistance  (a lifeline to call when something happens )it provides coverage for life insurance and identification of theft. It is best for you to decide on the best cover that you need. It is also advisable to choose annual cover if you travel three times in a year.

  1. Check out what is already covered by your domestical (home) insurance policy:

It is a form of insurance that is designed for citizens of a country. The home policy includes insurance for personal properties when away so you don’t need to choose a luggage cover insurance, and this will save money.


  1. Understand the excess and be sensible about it :

It is important to know how the “excess” works on your travel policy, so you don’t get caught out. Excess is the amount of fund that the policy holder pays towards any claim. If you put a claim of  $600 and the policy excess is  $100, the insurer would pay out $500. There is some system that charge an excess per section and the cost can be added up. You must understand the excess.

  1. Purchase a comprehensive winter sports cover:

It is necessary to check your travel insurance coverage for exclusion so you don’t get embarrassed when there is need to make a claim, most of the travel insurance company exclude risky activities and this could mean ordinary holiday pursuits such as horse riding and scuba diving. It is good to buy extra cover for adventure activities if you are planning an adventurous vacation. Winter sport insurance covers for reimbursement of ski school fees, equipment hire cost, lift passes in case of unforeseen injury or fall. It is important to buy a comprehensive winter sports policy that will cover all the event of suffering an injury on the slope or when snowboarding equipment lost. Winter sport includes activities such as Tobogganing, off-piste skiing, ice -skating and help-skiing. Get a policy specifically designed for winter sports holiday.

  1. Know what is excluded in the medical cover and the age limit:

A standard travel insurance policy is unlikely to cover any pre-existing medical condition. For instance, if you have asthma and suffer an attack on holiday that requires medical treatment, your policy will not pay out. Most policies will not insure any one between the age of 65-70.Know the age limit and the medical exclusion before choosing a travel insurance policy.

  1. Choose an annual cover if you are a regular traveler:

The annual cover is meant for those that are long haul holiday travelers or travels three times within a year. The annual multi trip will be good because it covers any number of the trip within a year.

It is important to follow all the guidelines when buying a travel insurance. Travel insurance is useful because it protects you and your DC escort against travel risk.